See, Also ︎         ––  A Temporary Portfolio

A podcast[1], an international research project[2], an online archive[3], a community project[4], an exhibition and broadcast[5] and some poetry[6].


SEE, ALSO is a new creative studio focusing on creative direction, web & graphic design.

Founded by Lucy Maria and Mike Stevens (post-MA@Central Saint Martins), the studio incorporates the nature of knowledge & referencing into the structure of what we do.

Working with an expanding group of collaborators (& merged with Lucy & Mike’s backgrounds & vision(s) in design & creative direction), SEE, ALSO is able to employ a wide scope of references & specialisms to projects, resulting in bold & contemporary solutions, created for each individual project & client.

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Recent collaborators:
︎ Paula Šobat
︎ Paul O’Reilly