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Unknown Quantities

Project: Digital archive
Category: Web, creative digital direction, workshops
Client: Central Saint Martins
Year: 2019-2020



Online archive/website and digital workflow process for Unknown Quantities – an annual publication from MA Graphic Communication Design × MA Culture, Criticism and Curation. A different team of editors delivers each new issue of UQ.

See, Also held two workshops with students to develop and integrate a new workflow process for the website and archive.


︎Issue pages highly customisable to match assets of a particular issue (all printed designs greatly varied/experimental)

︎Embedded PDF viewer with customised skin

︎Mini draggable issues on issue pages

︎Events feed with events fading after date passed (previously events were scattered across various social media formats)

︎Each new team able to update their digital issue of UQ and add to the archive via new digital workflow process

︎Archive filters

︎Archive ‘skeleton’ where UQ team annually add their ‘picks’ to the archive as part of the digital process